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  • National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP)

Category: Agriculture & Environment

National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP) is an agricultural multi-agency project of Bangladesh Government. The Project is developed with the support and financial assistance from the Government of Bangladesh, World Bank, and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

NATP is running under the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) of Government of Bangladesh. It holds the following components: Agricultural Research Support, Agricultural Extension Support, Supply Chains Development, and Project Management and Coordination. Apparently, NATP gives emphasis on the development and production of all the agriculture crops, fisheries and livestock through research, extension and supply chain.

The Research component of NATP consists of three sub components: Competitive Grants Program (CGP), Sponsored Public Goods Research (SPGR), and Enhancement of Research Institutional Efficiency (ERIE). The Competitive Grants Program (CGP) is carried out by Krishi Gobeshona Foundation (KGF), Sponsored Public Goods Research (SPGR), and Enhancement of Research Institutional Efficiency (ERIE) is executed by Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC).

Contact Info:

Ministry of Agriculture (MOA)
Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE)
National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP): Phase-1
Project Implementation Unit (PIU)
Tel. PABX: 9122531, 8144435, 9122698, 9122441, 8144345
Fax No. 880-2-8158345

Website: www.natpdae.gov.bd

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