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  • Krishi Gobeshona Foundation (KGF)

Category: Agriculture & Environment

Established in 2007, Krishi Gobeshona Foundation (KGF) is a Government-patronized non-profit Agricultural Research Organization in Bangladesh. The Foundation provides grants and technical supports to those researchers who are involved in agricultural research. KGF encourages and promotes short to medium term research that increases production and enhance food security through CGP - Competitive Grants Program. For submitting research proposals under CGP, Krishi Gobeshona Foundation often calls application via daily newspapers and website. But it gives priority to those researchable issues or areas which are identified by BARC and important for national agricultural research. From the submitted proposals of researchable issues for CGP, KGF board gives priority to important issues or areas. The Government of Bangladesh (GoB) and World Bank financed National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP) for providing inceptive funds for KGF and CGP.

Contact Info:

Phone: +88 (02) 8113032
E-mail: kgf-bd@live.com

Website: www.kgf.org.bd

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