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  • Bangladesh Agro-Processorsí Association (BAPA)

Category: Agriculture & Environment

Incorporated on the 1st March 1998 under the Companies Act (Act xviii) of 1994, Bangladesh Agro-Processorsí Association (BAPA) is a non-profit organization of Agro-Processors of Bangladesh. The founder of this Association is Major General Amjad Khan Chowdhury (Retd), Chief Executive Officer of PRAN-RFL Group. At current, BAPA has 233 active members and they are keeping at the diverse matters of Agro-food processing and exporting. In fact, Bangladesh Agro-Processorsí Association was established to solve the varied problems cognate to agro-processing, agro-packaging, agro-industrial development, tax and vat, and so on. However, BAPA is constantly working regarding the all prosperities of agricultural processors.

Contact Info:

Bangladesh Agro-Processorsí Association (BAPA):
House # 15, Road # 16 (New), 27 (Old), Dhanmondi
Phone & Fax : +88028144536
Mobile : 01715098909, 01730302198
E-mail: info@bapabd.org

Website : www.bapabd.org

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