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  • AgroBangla.com

Category: Agriculture & Environment

AgroBangla.com is the largest Bangla language based agricultural information site, mostly for Bangla speaking people in the world. The Site was founded on 26 June, 2008 by Moheuddin Ahmed Shaikat. AgroBangla.com is perfectly designed in Bangla language so that the Bangla speaking people will be able to obtain most of the agricultural information in their desired language, Bangla. The website mainly keeps the following sections: Agriculture in Media, Advice from Experts, Agricultural Information, Fish Farming, Livestock and Birds, Business and Trade Information, Agricultural Machinery, The Successful Grower’s Stories and more. The team of AgroBangla.com encourages the educated-young(s) to involve in agriculture and they are always ready to assist them regarding any kind of agricultural business, information, advice etc.

Contact Info:

E-mail: info@agrobangla.com
Mobile: 01912377495 (Commercial query only)

Website: www.agrobangla.com

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