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  • Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN)

Category: Agriculture & Environment

Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN) is an alliance of concerned citizens of Bangladesh speaking out mainly about the environmental problems in Bangladesh. BEN was established in July 1998 to stop & reverse environmental degradation in Bangladesh. It also conducts lively and useful discussion on various environmental issues including air pollution, arsenic contamination, flood control, loss of bio-diversity and more. Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN) works jointly with Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA). The network of BEN is now extended internationally, and it has close connection with various international environmental organizations. Currently, a number of environmental organizations and environmentally conscious individuals are active members of this Network. The door of BEN is open for all the Bangladeshis & non-Bangladeshis who are ready to provide efforts to protect Bangladesh's environment.

Contact Info:

E-mail: s_n_islam@yahoo.com
Website: www.ben-global.org

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