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  • Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation

Category: Agriculture & Environment

Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC) is the world's largest grower of Jute goods, established under the Article no 10 of Bangladesh Industrial Enterprises (Nationalization) Order 1972 (PO 27 of 1972). The Jute Mills Corporation was come into being with the aim and objective of controlling, supervising and coordinating the activities of the nationalized jute mills. Currently, BJMC is operating 26 mills (including 3 non jute industries). Among these jute mills, 7 mills are situated in Dhaka zone, 10 in Chittagong zone and 9 mills are situated in Khulna zone.

Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation also buys raw jute, from the farmers, for the mills through it purchase centers located jute growing areas of the Country. It produces different types of jute products such as Hessian cloth, sacking cloth, Sacking bags, Hessian bags, Yarn, Blanket, Jute canvas, Carpet Backing Cloth (CBC) and more. Its produced jute products are manufacturing and exporting in national and international markets.

BJMC is run by a Board of Directors headed by the Chairman. Currently, Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation is the biggest employer in the industrial sector of Bangladesh. It employs about 70,000 workers and 5500 officers & staffs, and about 6.0 million farm familiesí livelihood supported by this Corporation. Furthermore, more than 50 million people are directly or indirectly involved with jute and jute industry in the Country.

Contact Info:

Adamjee Court (Annexe-1),
115-120, Motijheel Commercial Area,
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
8802-955-8182 / 6
8802-955-8192 / 6
Fax: 8802-956-4740, 8802-956-7508
E-mail: bjmc.bd@gmail.com

Website: www.bjmc.gov.bd

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