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  • Bangladesh Society for Veterinary Education and Research (BSVER)

Category: Health

Founded by a group of enthusiastic colleagues in 1994, Bangladesh Society for Veterinary Education and Research (BSVER) is a leading veterinary organization of the veterinary educationists and researchers in Bangladesh. According to the website of BSVER, the objective of this society is to foster association of veterinary educationist and researchers towards advancement of education and knowledge in the field of veterinary science by organising seminars, symposia, workshop, scientific meeting, and by publishing scientific communiques.

Every year the Bangladesh Society for Veterinary Education and Research (BSVER) organizes an annual scientific conference called “Annual Scientific Conference (ASCon)” where veterinary educationists, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, and entrepreneurs participate to share their views, ideas and experiences regarding the veterinary science. The Society gives a prestigious award named “BSVER Annual Lecture Award” to the veterinary scientist or educationist for their remarkable contributions in the field of veterinary education and research. The 20th BSVER Annual Scientific Conference was held from 22-23 February 2014 at Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) Campus, Mymensingh.

BSVER also regularly organizes symposium, workshop, seminars etc for the advancement of veterinary profession, education and development. BSVER has an Executive Committee consists of thirteen members. It offers memberships on the following four categories: Member, Life member, Associate member, and Honourary member. Details membership information may be obtained from (Here…)

Contact Info:

Address of correspondence:

Professor Dr. Md. Motahar Hussain Mondal
President, BSVER
Department of Parasitology
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Mymensingh-2202, Bangladesh
E-mail: mmhmondal@yahoo.com

Professor Dr. Md. Bahanur Rahman
Secretary, BSVER
Department of Microbiology and Hygiene
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Mymensingh-2202, Bangladesh
E-mail: bahanurr@yahoo.com

Website: www.bsver.org

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