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Bangladesh Society of Medicine is a leading organization of medicine specialists of Bangladesh. The Organization was established in 1999 mainly to work for the well-being of the Medicine Specialists, and teach the graduate & post graduate students so that they can become well-efficient in medicine and will be able to provide all-inclusive healthcare services to the people of Bangladesh. The Society is strongly committed to keep up uprightness and recognition of the Medicine Specialists. Bangladesh Society of Medicine also works to make people aware about various diseases. Almost all of the medicine degree holder(s) can be member of this Organization. It offers two types of memberships such as: General Membership and Life-long Membership. Currently, the President of Bangladesh Society of Medicine is Prof. Md. Billal Alam, and Secretary General is Dr. Ahmedul Kabir.

Contact Info:


Bangladesh Society of Medicine:
Dept. of Medicine, Dhaka Medical College
Dhaka, Bangladesh


Published Date: 23/02/2014

Updated Date: 11/08/2020

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