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  • Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI)

Category: Agriculture & Environment

Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI) is a non-profit and non-partisan leading youth-based environmental organization working with the environmental issues of Bangladesh. BYEI was established in 2009. The Organization is looking forward to building a sustainable Bangladesh which will be economically and environmentally stable. BYEI works with young Bangladeshis to address on local and global environmental issues, particularly environmental issues of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative creates environmental awareness and promotes youth leadership who will undertake environmental challenges and opportunities. It conducts research and organizes programs and workshops related to youth leadership and environmental issues. BYEI is run by Bangladeshi youth and work for youth.

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Contact Info:

Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI):
House 2, Road 1/A, Block J, Baridhara
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
Phone: +88 018 41705082
Email: info@byei.org

Website: www.byei.org

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