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  • SOULS (Band)

Category: Arts & Entertainment

SOULS (Band) is one of the oldest and famous Bangladeshi rock bands. During the formation of SOULS, its name was Shurela, founded in 1972. A year later (1973), the band was changed to its present name "SOULS". Its founder members were Subrata Barua, Sajed-ul-Alam and Mumtazul Haque (Lulu). Since its formation, the Band has been playing a vital role for the development of music, mostly rock music, in the country. SOULS performances in live concerts/gigs in different countries, media, universities, colleges, open air venues and more. The first band album of SOULS was released in 1982 named as "SUPER SOULS", the first released band album in Bangladesh.

List of SOULS’ Released Albums:
1. Super Souls – 1982 (Released year)
2. Colleger Corridor – 1984
3. Manush Matir Kachakachi – 1987
4. East & West – 1988
5. E Amon Porichoy – 1993
6. Aj Din Katuk ganee – 1995
7. Oshomoyer Gaan – 1997
8. Mukhorito Jibon – 2000
9. Tarar Uthane – 2001
10. To Let – 2003
11. Jhut jhamela – 2006
12. Jam – 2012
13. Kingbadanti (a joined album of Dalchhut and Souls)

SOULS’ members are:
1. Md. Maruf Hasan Talukder (contributing in Bass Guitar)
2. Meer Shahriar Hossain (contributing in Keyboard)
3. Partha Barua (contributing in Lead Guitar & Vocal)
4. Naseem Ali Khan (contributing in Vocal)
5. Sk Ahasanur Rahman (Ashiq) – (contributing in Drums) and
6. Tushar Ranjan Datta (contributing in Percussion)

Contact Info:

Website: www.soulsbd.net

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