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  • LRB (Band)

Category: Arts & Entertainment

LRB (Band) is a legendary Bangladeshi rock band founded in 1991 by the Bangladeshi famous singer, guitarist, and lyricist Ayub Bachchu. LRB means ‘Love Runs Blind.’ Ayub Bachchu was a member of SOULS, another famous Bangladeshi band. He left the SOULS and founded the LRB from his deepest impulsion.

Since its inception, LRB has been taken part in various live gigs in home and abroad. Its first show was held in 1997 at Jadavpur University, India. Besides, lots of LRB’s live concerts were held in USA, Qatar, Abudhabi, Austria, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium and more. LRB is the only Bangla rock band in the world which played their music in the renowned Madison Square Garden, USA. The Band has performed various concerts for flood victims and social awareness.

It also involves in releasing band albums, and solo albums. Name of few albums of LRB: Ferari Mon, Sporsho, Bishwe, Ghumonto Shohore, Hokaar, Shukh, Prem Tumi Ki and more.

Contact Info:

Office Phone :+88-02-9330677
CELL :+8801973020840
E-mail :info@ablrb.net, bandlrb@yahoo.com, shamimdj@yahoo.com

ABDULLAH – AL – MASUD (Member In charge)
Office Phone :+88-02-9330677
CELL :+8801711614861 , +8801712707901
E-mail :info@ablrb.net, bandlrb@gmail.com, masudlrb@gmail.com

Website: www.ablrb.net

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