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  • Prospective Bangladeshi Students in Canadian Universities (PBSCU)

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Prospective Bangladeshi Students in Canadian Universities (PBSCU) is the largest non-profit academic counseling organization mainly for Bangladeshi students studying or interested to study (for undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral) in different Canadian Universities. Abdullah Al Maruf, a Ph.D. candidate of University of Toronto, immensely contributed to establish this organization. PBSCU provides “FREE Advices” to the Bangladeshi students about admission procedures and detailed information of Canadian Universities. This organization also gives free advices to students of other countries’ universities like Australia, New Zealand, USA, Norway, Sweden, Malaysia, France, Spain etc.

The website of PBSCU contains more than 80 precious writings about all the needed information, tips and policies that students may require before, during and after the admission to a university in Canada. In addition, the website also gives up-to-date information of various professional examinations, permanent residence application, work permit application and more. PBSCU has few sub-groups involved in providing materials for IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/GMAT exams. PBSCU is dedicatedly working to create a stronger platform with all these talented Bangladeshi students in Canada.

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Published Date: 27/07/2014

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