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Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW is an organization of doctors who had completed their graduation from Bangladesh and either studying on the way to passing their Australian Medical Council (AMC) exam or Practitioners in New South Wales (NSW). It was established in August 2010. Bangladesh Medical Society (BMS) of NSW takes initiative steps to help the newly arrived doctors to settle in NSW and become a responsible medical practitioner.

It regularly arranges different types of effectual education programs where senior, highly qualified specialists and famed GPs provide training and lectures. Besides, Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW also organizes various cultural events like harbor cruises, dinners and picnics for the doctors and their families. BMS NSW endlessly provides a wide range of support for Bengali community doctors. At Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW, membership is open for AMC candidates, and Practitioners.

Contact Info:

2 Gunsynd street, Kellyville ridge.

Published Date: 01/08/2014

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