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  • Bangladesh Medical Society of South Australia (BAMSSA)

Category: Health

Bangladesh Medical Society of South Australia (BAMSSA) is a professional organization of Bangladeshi inherited doctors and health professionals residing in South Australia. BAMSSA begun its journey from November 03, 2013 as a representing body Bangladeshi origin doctors in South Australian. BAMSSA collaborates Bangladeshi doctors and health professionals to uphold theirs fellowship in Australia. This non-profit and non-governmental organization promotes diversified activities such as academic, scientific, social, cultural, charitable, etc. The organization is run by a group of volunteer members and an executive committee. BAMSSA’s current President is Dr Bahija Khanom.

Contact Info:

Bangladesh Medical Society of South Australia (BAMSSA):
E-mail: doctorsinadelaide@yahoogroups.com.au

Website: www.bamssa.org.au

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