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Bangladesh Association of Psychiatrists (BAP) is a professional organization of the Psychiatrists of Bangladesh. The association was established in 1975 aimed to create a platform for the persons related to Psychiatry and relevant subjects; promote mental health; advance the subject of Psychiatry and boost the profession across the country.

During its initiation, there were only ten (10) members of this association. At present, BAP has become an organization of about 150 psychiatrists and persons, devoted to the promotion of mental health activities in Bangladesh. Apparently, Bangladesh Association of Psychiatrists is committed to uphold the rights of psychiatrists in the country. It works as a spirit of unity, co-operation and tenderness among psychiatrists of Bangladesh.

BAP organizes an International Conference every two years. It offers following membership categories - Patron, Fellows, Honorary Fellows, Member, Life Member, and Associate Member. Bangladesh Association of Psychiatrists is run by an Executive Committee consists of 25 members, Headed by a President. Prof Dr Md. Golam Rabbani is the current President of BAP.

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Contact Info:


BAP office is at National institute of Mental Health:
Sher -E- Bangla Nagar Dhaka
Phone: (02) 9118171
FAX: 9111362


Published Date: 14/10/2014

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