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  • Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Ltd.

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Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Ltd. is a leading courier service provider in the private sector in Bangladesh. It claims as the "Fast and Fastest Courier" in Bangladesh. Sundarban Courier Service was established in 1983. The company is an initiative of Shanto Mariam Foundation. Sundarban Courier is a reliable name and pioneer in the field of courier services which is delivering documents and parcels safely and rapidly all over the country through its more than 200 Transport/Cargo Covered Van. It has 62 offices at different districts and divisional headquarters of the country; and also has 500+ agency offices at Thans/Upazilla level. The Company has 6000+ workforces.

Mr. lmamul Kabir Shanto is the founder Chairman of Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Ltd. He was also the founder President of Courier Services Association of Bangladesh (CSAB). The company is a founder member of CSAB.

Sundarban Courier is providing following services: Parcel Service, General Service, Express Service, Super Express Service, Non-Docs Service, Remittance Service, Value declared service, Condition Booking Service, To-Pay Service, Mobile Banking Service, E-Traffle Service (for Police), and International Service.

Contact Info:

Head Office of Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Ltd.:
24-25, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh
Telephone: 9564218, 9551984, 9551656, 9556952, 9559635
Fax: 880-2-9563995


Published Date: 10/04/2015

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