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  • Shujan (Shushanar Janniya Nagorik)

Category: Society & Culture

Commenced in 2002, Shujan, also known as Shushanar Janniya Nagorik, is a combined group of concerned citizens of Bangladesh associated with view to promoting the true democracy, decentralization, raise voice for practicing the veritable politics, create responsible governance and so on. Regarding these issues, Shujan arranges workshops, seminars, discussions, marches, human chains etc. The group plans to hold “People's Dialogue” and “Concerts for Democracy” all over the country. As a non-profit group, Sushasoner Jonno Nagorik (Sujan) tries its utmost to be a responsible, impartial, effective voice of the people of Bangladesh. Since its inception Shujan has been creating responsible citizens in Bangladesh. The members, of this group works as volunteer, invest both their time and money to make a progressive group.

To be a member of this group, one must have to fulfill few conditions such as, minimum age should be at least 18, every member will have to pay 100tk admission fee and annual/monthly fee, communal-minded people and convicted of any crime or criminal case cannot be a member of Shujan. Any active political fellow can be member of Shujan but they cannot accept any post.

Mr M Hafizuddin Khan is the President of the Central Executive Committee of Shushanar Janniya Nagorik (Shujan). Shujan Secretary is Prof Dr. Badiul Alam Majumdar.

Contact Info:

3/7 Asad Avenue, Mohammadpur,
Phone: 811-2622, 812-7975,
Fax: 88-02-811-6812
E-mail: shujan.info@gmail.com,

Website: www.shujan.org

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