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Dhaka Nawab Family was the most traditional and influential family in East Bengal during the time of mid nineteenth to mid twentieth century. Nawab was known as the native governor at the time of Mogul empire in British India. The Government of British India discerned the family as the ‘Nawab Family of Dhaka’. The Family was also known as the ‘Khwaja Family’ founded by the Khwaja Abdul Hakim came from Kashmir to Bengal and settled in Sylhet for the purpose of trading in this region.

After Khwaja Abdul Hakim there are few branches of this family came to Bengal among them, Khwaja Abdul Wahab, his brother Khwaja Abdullah, Moulvi Khwaja Abdullah the younger brother of Abdul Wahab are mostly known. They all were resided in Dhaka. Actually, Abdullah was the mostly known founder of the ‘Nawab family of Dhaka’. The Nawab Family has played a vital role in the freedom movement and politics during the time of British India. The Family was the owner of Dhaka Nawab Estate, and the headquarters of this Estate was Ahsan Manzil. The Manzil was chiefly renowned as the center point of Muslim politics in Eastern Bengal. Khwaja Habibullah Khan Bahadur was the last ruling Nawab of Dhaka after the partition of British India.

The website ( is an online doorway of ‘Dhaka Nawab Family.’ The site explores detailed information, including biographies, contributions, stories, cultures, family heritages etc, of Nawab Family of Dhaka.

Lists of the Nawabs of Dhaka:
* Khwaja Alimullah (?-1854)
* Nawab Abdul Ghani (1813-1896)
* Nawab Sir Ahsanullah (1846-1901)
* Nawab Sir Salimullah (1871-1915)
* Khwaja Atiqullah (1876-1945)
* Khwaja Mohammed Ismail (1885-1959)
* Khwaja Nazimuddin (1894-1964)
* Nawab Habibullah (1895-1958)
* Nawab Yusuf Jan (1850-1923)
* Khwaja Muhammad Afzal (1875-?)
* Khwaja Shahabuddin (1898-1977)
* Khawaja Abul Hasan Mumtaz(?-1964)
* Khwaja Nooruddin (1900-1968)
* Syed Abdus Salim (1905-1967)
* Khwaja Ahsanullah (1915-?)
* Khwaja Zakiuddin (1918-2003)
* Nawab Hasan Askari (1921-1984)
* Khwaja Wasiuddin (1921-1992)
* Khwaja Mohammed Kaiser
* Ali Kaiser Hasan Morshed
* Farooq Sobhan (1940- )
* Yasmeen Murshed (1945- )
* Syed Khwaja Sharjil Hassan (1946-2005)
* Syed Khwaja Moinul Hassan (1953- )
[Source: The Official Website of the Dhaka Nawab Family]

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Published Date: 05/08/2014

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