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Chittagong Water Supply & Sewerage Authority (CWASA), mostly known as Chittagong WASA, is a semi-government organization which was established on 16th October 1963 under the East Pakistan (E.P.) Ordinance no. XIX of 1963. Chattogram WASA is located at WASA Bhaban in Dampara, Chittagong.

Chittagong WASA is responsible for supplying potable water in Chittagong city. It undertakes different types of necessary development programs/projects for producing, collecting, preserving, building up and supplying potable water to the public, residential areas, industries and commercial areas. It also provides sewerage and drainage services. Chittagong WASA Authority is working to set up modern Stormwater Drainage system which as a part of its master plan. In order to fulfill demand of water in Chittagong city, the Authority has undertaken few projects like Karnafuli Water Supply Project, Chittagong Water Supply Improvement and Sanitation Project, and Mohara Water Extension Project.

Chattogram WASA has following wings - Audit Wing, Development Wing, Administration Wing, Engineering Wing, and Commercial Wing. Currently, Chittagong Water Supply & Sewerage Authority (CWASA) is run by a Board consists of thirteen (13) members, headed by a Chairman.

Contact Info:


Chittagong WASA:
M.M. Ali Road, WASA Bhaban, Dampara, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Tel: 614269
Fax: 610465
Chief Revenue Officer (Billing): 618347
System Analyst: 88-031-624184
XEN (Sales): 617807
MOD-1 (Agrabad): 724875
MOD-2 (Kalurghat): 617973
Water Works: 616592
Jubilee Road: 616768


Published Date: 23/12/2014

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