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  • CTO Forum Bangladesh

Category: Telecom, Computer & Internet

The CTO Forum Bangladesh is a non-profit organization of the Chief Technology Officers in Bangladesh. This is a platform of technology leaders and visionaries. The members of this Forum are Chief Technology/Information Officers, IT Officers/Managers and other Officers & employees having IT/ICT background. It came into existence in the year 2012. It is a registered organization under the Section - XXVIII of the Companies Act 1994.

The CTO Forum Bangladesh is a platform for – sharing knowledge, promoting fellowship among the members, advancing IT education, conducting research on the fields of information technology, disseminating IT knowledge, contributing in policy formation and implementation, promoting standard of IT profession and organizing workshops, seminars, meetings, discussions, symposiums and conferences on IT and/or relevant fields. Mr. Tapan Kanti Sarkar is the current President of CTO Forum Bangladesh.

The CTO Forum Bangladesh offers membership in following five categories:

1. Fellow: for all present and past IT/ICT Chief Technology Officers/Heads of Technology/IT Managers or equivalent officers with at least 15 (fifteen) years ICT experience in Bangladesh and/or individuals having completed at least 5 (five) years as Member of the Association/Forum.
2. Life Fellow: all Fellow members are eligible to be Life Fellow member.
3. Member: all IT employees of any ICT organization in the country and completed at least 2-year as Associate Member of “CTO Forum Bangladesh”.
4. Associate Member: all IT employees from any ICT organization in Bangladesh and at least 5-year of service in the ICT.
5. Honorary Member: for any individuals served at least 2-year in any ICT organization in Bangladesh as Head of ICT/CTO/CIO/ISACA Certified Professionals or equivalent rank.

Contact Info:

CTO Forum Bangladesh:
12-F, 12th Floor, Meherba Plaza
33, Topkhana Road, Dhaka – 1000

Website: www.ctoforumbd.org

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