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BD-Directory New Listing is offering accounting & inventory software for different business bodies and institutions. Click here for more...

ACI Salt Limited is a subsidiary company of Advanced Chemical Industries Limited (ACI Limited). The Company is providing 100% edible salt for human consumption. Click here for more...

Recent 10 Listing:

* Artistry MC - Artistry Marketing & Communications Ltd., mostly known as Artistry MCL, is an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) agency in Bangladesh.

* Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Ltd. - Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Ltd (CRAB) was founded in 2003 (formally launched on April 05, 2004) as a credit rating agency of Bangladesh.

* Bdstall - is an ecommerce platform exhibiting different company's latest products on the online platform.

* Best Electronics - Best Electronics Ltd is a renowned multi-brand electronics retail chain in Bangladesh.

* Community Based Health Care (CBHC) - Community Based Health Care (CBHC), also known as Community Clinic (CC), is a Public-Private partnership initiative undertaken by the Bangladesh Government.

* Minmaxst Textile - Minmaxst Textile, also known as 'MinMax ST', is involved in manufacturing and exporting textile products from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

* ACI Foods Limited - ACI Foods Limited is contributing in Bangladesh's food sector having products like Basic Spices, Mixed Spices, Snacks, Edible Oil, Confectionary, etc.

* Arlinks Group - Since 1972, Arlinks Group, also known as Arlinks Limited, has been contributing in the engineering and services sector in Bangladesh

* Praava Health Bangladesh Limited - Praava Health Bangladesh Limited was founded in 2015 by Sylvana Quader Sinha.

* Papertree - was founded in 2016 to fulfil book enthusiast's need.